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Service Description

BARNGA is an interactive introduction to intercultural relations involving a simulation designed by renowned interculturalist Silvasailam Thiagarajam. As participants engage in a lively card tournament they gain awareness of the challenges of intercultural relations and the importance of reaching common ground. Conversity® is an innovative approach to diversity development focusing on human connections. A key word summarizing our Conversity® solutions is effectiveness. Above all, we want our interventions to help you build strong and synergistic teams. When we develop Conversity® solutions, we observe the following best practices: Work with human nature — not against it. We base our consulting and initiatives on the latest social psychology research. Focus on building connections and fostering a sense of “we are in this together.” Think outside of the box when developing curricula — for instance, we strongly believe that incorporating personality discussions can be extremely beneficial. Above all — remember to first do no harm. It is possible to make things worse in diverse team development, even when we have the best intentions.

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