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Build Stronger Teams

Five Factors of Team Strength

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Service Description

PART I: TEAM MEMBERS’ ASSESSMENT AND INDIVIDUAL COACHING (Virtual) All team members complete the Narrative Big Five Assessment, a valid and reliable personality tool. Next, each team member receives a 1:1 coaching session to understand the results. PART II: PERSONALITY AND TEAM DEVELOPMENT (Virtual) All team members engage in a two-hour team session to discuss the team results and explore the team strengths, potential blind spots, and draw a plan of action. During the session, the team members will receive and discuss a team personality report PART III: MEETING WITH THE TEAM LEADER (Virtual) The coach will meet with the Team Leader to discuss the team personality report and the group dynamics during the workshop. Note: Individual personality results are strictly confidential. The coach cannot share individual team member results without the team members’ permission. The team report includes the numbers of participants in each segment of 24 personality trait continua but not individual participants’ names or scores.

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