Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh

Complimentary Discovery Session - 20 Minutes

    Service Description

    Dr. Lucabaugh is the CEO of The Society of Evidence-Based Organizational Consulting (SEBOC), and an Industrial/Organizational Psychology consultant and executive coach (see TurnBoot.com). He has served a variety of organizations, developing and executing corporate leadership, onboarding, and critical communication programs, as well as employee engagement, culture, and time-management systems. He also created statistics, research methods, leadership, psychology, and HR courses for both national and international clients. Book Dr. Lucabaugh to: • Master high-stakes interactions using proven psych and FBI techniques. • Develop leadership and high-stakes interaction skills through executive coaching. • Learn how data analytics can boost your organization's effectiveness. • Effectively lead and influence during those conversations you dread. • Master the behaviors necessary to be effective in any leadership role, through a combination of psychological assessment and results-based coaching.  • Use his proprietary employee engagement system within your organization. • Become an effective creator and facilitator of workshops and training. • Build an employee onboarding experience that creates an immediate emotional attachment to your organization. • Build a supervisory development, train the trainer, or critical communication program that actually turns learning into behavior. • Speak at your organization on effective communication techniques and mastering critical interactions. • Maximize organizational performance through the lens of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. • Help your salesforce master in-person or virtual sales interactions. • Use psychological workplace assessments for both high-stakes and low-stakes situations, executive coaching, and team development.