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Increase Employee Performance with PATs

Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh

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Increase Employee Performance - Passions, Ambitions & Talents (PATs) Conley and Zigarmi (2019) say it perfectly, "Every day the spirits of millions of people die at the front door of their workplace." When we talk about one's work passion, we must speak in parallel with one's sense of personal identity. This includes the fruitful bundle of talent, skill, creativity, innovation, and of course, discretionary effort. People bring to organizations powerful passions, tremendous talents, specific skills, and grand ambitions. Oftentimes, complacency and other forces begin to mask those passions, ambitions, and talents (PATs), and tapping into them becomes a lesser priority. Discover specific techniques as well as effective mindsets to bring out the most in employees and colleagues. Conley, R., & Zigarmi, D. (2019). Producing a passion play: Stop obsessing over engagement; instead focus on employee work passion and creating a high-trust culture where workers flourish. Workforce, 2, 42.

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