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Narrative Big 5 Interpretation/Coaching

Measure personality in the workplace & apply in teambuilding processes

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Service Description

Big Five Interpretation and Coaching: We work with individuals who wish to better understand their personality tendencies and the connections between such tendencies and their career goals. 1:1 Coaching; The Narrative Big Five Assessment (Virtual) The Narrative Big Five assessment is a valid and reliable “Big Five” personality tool. The “Big Five” is the most respected personality model to date, measuring personality traits along five main traits - Resilience, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness - and 23 subtraits. • Resilience means tolerance to stress. • Extraversion means sociability and comfort with interaction with others • Openness has to do with imagination, creativity, comfort with change. • Agreeableness refers to comfort with challenging others. • Conscientiousness relates to organization and methodicalness. With the Narrative Big Five assessment, you will not pigeonhole your employees (or yourself) in meaningless “boxes” and will avoid building self-fulfilling prophecies. You will: • Complete the Narrative Big Five assessment. • Receive a 1:1 coaching session to understand your results. • Complete an e-Learning module designed to strengthen your learning.

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