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Slow Down: Workplace Ethical Challenges

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Ethical decisions may be trickier than we think. First, engaging leaders must demonstrate both fairness and compassion. Sometimes, these two critical demands clash. Second, leaders may feel closer to some employees than to others. Closeness tends to change the way we reason as we make ethical decisions. This course gives leaders the chance to consider their own moral dilemmas and draft a personal code of ethics. Participants gain clearer tools to make ethical decisions and a greater awareness of invisible ethical threats. This course may be run in one four-hour face-to-face session or two two-hour virtual sessions. Participants will: Define moral dilemmas Identify moral dilemmas that may commonly affect their work Discuss the role of values in ethical decision-making Identify their key values Draft a personal code of ethics Review the role of closeness, intuition, and reason in ethical decision-making Review the six-step moral decision-making model and apply it to resolve a moral dilemma

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