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The Meaningful Leader®

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Service Description

The Meaningful Leader® program introduces leaders to key competencies related to employee engagement: building connections, developing others, and inspiring meaning. We recommend adding to the program personality and 180-degree competency assessments including engagement questions. The program may be conducted in a three-day workshop or in multiple two- to three-hour sessions (virtual or face-to-face). PART I: LEADERS’ ASSESSMENT AND INDIVIDUAL COACHING (Virtual) All leaders: • Complete the Narrative Big Five personality assessment. • Complete a 360 assessment on the Meaningful Leader competencies. • Engage in a 1:1 coaching session to discuss the results (1 ½ hours, virtual). PART II: THE MEANINGFUL LEADER (Virtual OR Face-to-Face) Leaders engage in a series of 10 two-hour virtual team sessions or two five-hour face-to-face sessions to strengthen the “Meaningful Leader Competencies” PART III: PROGRESS REPORT 6 to 8 months after the session, the leaders complete once again their 360 assessment to check on their progress and adjust (as needed) their action plans. Net, they engage in a 1:1 coaching session to discuss the second 360 results (1 hour, virtual) Note: Individual personality results are strictly confidential. The coach cannot share individual personality or 360 results without the participant’s permission.

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