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Service Description

Beneath the Surface: Understanding Personality Diversity introduces the Big Five model of personality to employees of various levels. Leaders, in particular, may benefit from a better understanding of the impact of personality diversity on teamwork and communications. Participants assess their own personality traits, estimate the traits of others, and connect personality diversity to productive workplace relations. Conversity® is an innovative approach to diversity development focusing on human connections. A key word summarizing our Conversity® solutions is effectiveness. Above all, we want our interventions to help you build strong and synergistic teams. When we develop Conversity® solutions, we observe the following best practices: Work with human nature — not against it. We base our consulting and initiatives on the latest social psychology research. Focus on building connections and fostering a sense of “we are in this together.” Think outside of the box when developing curricula — for instance, we strongly believe that incorporating personality discussions can be extremely beneficial. Above all — remember to first do no harm. It is possible to make things worse in diverse team development, even when we have the best intentions.

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